Forbidden Love in a time of War

I have blogged about the movie Stolen Women, Captured Hearts before and I have finally created a video, since the snowstorm, I found the time!

Michael Greyeyes Michael Greyeyes & Janine Turner

Captured Women I can honestly say I have NEVER been kissed like this man kisses this chick in this movie! I am not a romance scene person, but this is the BEST KISS of all-time!

Michael Greyeyes

Michael Greyeyes


Stolen Women, Captured Hearts

Sarah White
Jean Louisa Kelly 's character was historical Sarah White and after rewatching this film, I have decided she is one of my favorite characters on this movie. I plan to blog more about Sarah. She was stubborn, brave, and strong; qualities I admire, especially in young women.

Anna Brewster Morgan


Uelanuhi said...

I have watched every Captured Heart's Video on youtube a good ten to fifteen times each and none are as spectacular as this. I must say this is your best video, yet!

DEZMOND said...

this new look of your blog is extremely unusual ,Avalon! Hope it doesn't mean you are going through some dark phase :)

Jenna said...

I am speechless! This is truly your best.

Native gurl said...

OMG Avalon! I actually cried while watching your video! "I am leaving my people and my heart behind", just tears me up.

I could not help but feel sorry for Anna's husband. He loved her so much and worked so hard to bring his wife home, only to have her leave him. He looked so pitiful by falling to his knees shouting "Please do not leave me Anna" as she is racing away to be with her lover. It is sad, but if I was her, I would have to be with Tokala too. I would have followed my heart.

Again, this is amazing!

Aibell said...

Exquisitely done! Michael is a beautiful candy eyed warrior. If he kisses this good, can you imagine him under the sheets?

Jasmine said...

If someone kissed me like this, I would probably pass out. Going to watch this movie right now. I recorded this when it aired on Lifetime and I watch it every time I need some romance. The kiss scenes are the best!

Alice said...

Your final words are so true. Love really has no bounties. Lovely choices again. Thank you for sharing these.

TeeTotallyNot said...

totally captured and intrigued now.. have to find the DVD or some other means of watching the film, somehow...
thank you :)

phylly3 said...

Your video is really excellent! I would also love to see this movie. The true story is very intriguing. I too, felt rather sorry for the husband. It was a very bittersweet story.

Avalon said...

Thanks everyone for stopping by.

TeeTotallyNot, The movie is not on dvd yet, but you can watch it online.

Dezmond, No dark stage. Just the Medieval phase, as always. My banner is King Arthur and I added the enchantress.

Phylly3, You might be able to find this movie on vhs, it was put on vhs in Canada. And yes, the true story is very different from the movie.

Thanks again for commenting.

Little Ren said...

Lovely! I discovered this movie a few days ago, i watched and i am simply in love. Your video is beautiful and touching too!
Saludos from Brazil ;)

Little Ren said...

Lovely! I discovered this movie a few days ago, i watched and i'm simply in love with the main couple *-*
Your video is awesome, so beautiful and touching!

Saludos From Brazil!


Anonymous said...

It seems I arrive at the conversation with a delay of 3 years, well better late than never! lol

I had never watched this movie before, and since last week that I discovered it I've watched it enough times to keep me going for the next 3 years! And I guess it's a relief to see I'm not the only hopelessly romantic girl around here!

Michael/Tokalah is definitely one of the hottest guys on the planet (I'm into long-haired guys anyway lol) and seriously the kiss scene proves he's probably the most passionate one! Every time I watch this scene I just want to cry! Yeah yeah, I know what one might say, it's a movie and they are actors, but I have seen hundreds of movies with big hollywood names and staged romantic scenes, and nothing compares to the volcanic erruption of Michael's kiss! It really takes more than acting skills to express so much passion and Michael has it all inside him!

I live in Europe and haven't visited America so far, but I am extremely interested in Native American history and culture. It's a shame movies like this are so hard to find on this side of the ocean, but I guess youtube is better than nothing!

Love knows no boundaries indeed, it will go beyond colour and class differences. All one needs to do is believe in it and fight for it like Tokalah fought for Anna's love. Follow your heart and never let go!

CL said...

I watched this movie for the first time a few days ago. I was captivated by it. It reminded me of my husband. He pursued me with the same intensity as Tokalah, although of course he didn't kidnap me and carry me off! The first time he kissed me, I had never been kissed with such ardour! I was weak in the knees. He told me later that he had seen me before in a dream. This is the reason that I can so relate to the movie!

Suzanne Donoghue said...

I'm so pleased to know that I am not alone in loving this movie, it has so much passion and feeling that my emotions go into overdrive each time I see it. Tokalah and Anna are just meant to be together, it rocks me heart and soul and let's me know I am alive, this is my favourite film of all time xxx